Strategic Blueprint

Approved by the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School Committee - January 22, 2020

Making the Vision a Reality

What future do we want to create?


 Strategic Objective #1

DEFINE our shared Belief about Learning to develop our Mission and Vision.

Strategic Objective #2 

ALIGN our professional practices to our Beliefs about Learning Mission, and Vision.

Strategic Objective #3

INNOVATE to SUPPORT modern learning

 Strategic Objective #4

ENGAGE the HWRSD Community as partners in achieving our Mission.


HWRSD Theory of Action

If we define our shared “Beliefs about Learning,” Mission and Vision, align our practices to our “Beliefs,” innovate to support modern learning and engage the community as partners in achieving our Mission, then we will ensure all graduates of the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District demonstrate character, exhibit resilience, communicate and collaborate effectively, are critical thinkers and problem solvers and are local and global leaders.

The Portrait of the Graduate

The bottom-line goal of education is transfer. The point of school is not to simply excel in each class, but to be able to use one’s learning in other settings. Learning priorities are established by long-term performance goals—what it is we want students, in the end, to be able to do with what they have learned. Over the past seven years, the faculty of the HWRSD has explored the question, “What do students need to know and be able to do in order to be successful” and created this “Portrait of the Graduate” to define the knowledge, skills, and dispositions all students need for future success.

HWRSD Portrait of the Graduate: Overarching Transfer Goals
Adopted January 28, 2016

All Graduates of the HWRSD Will Be Able to Independently Use Their Learning to:

Demonstrate Character
Build positive personal relationships and make responsible choices that are physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually sound.

Exhibit Resilience
Persevere in facing the challenges and taking the risks integral to owning one’s learning process.

Communicate and Collaborate
Utilize effective and varied methods of communication and collaboration for different purposes and audiences.

Problem Solve and Think Critically
Demonstrate critical and creative thinking in order to make informed decisions, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

Lead Locally and Globally
Consider and evaluate multiple historical and cultural perspectives to lead empathetically, respectfully, and responsibly in the local and global community.


Strategic Objective #1

We will define our shared Beliefs about Learning to develop our Mission and Vision.



Strategic Initiatives:

  • Engage all stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of our “Beliefs about Learning” in the HWRSD.

  • Expand our definition of “success for all learners” through the development of our “Beliefs about Learning” document.

  • Craft a new Mission and Vision Statement for the HWRSD based on our “Beliefs about Learning.

  • Intentionally develop a process for continual revision and ongoing refinement.

 Strategic Objective #2:

We will ensure our professional practices are aligned to our Beliefs about Learning, Mission, and Vision.



Strategic Initiatives:

  • Align curriculum to our “HWRSD Beliefs about Learning” to ensure that all students can demonstrate the “Portrait of the Graduate” competencies.
  • Develop assessments designed to measure student progress towards demonstrating the “Portrait of the Graduate” competencies and aligned to our “Beliefs about Learning.”
  • Implement instructional and social-emotional practices that are aligned to our “Beliefs about Learning” and are designed to ensure students demonstrate our “Portrait of the Graduate” competencies.
  • Develop a tiered system of supports aligned to our “Beliefs about Learning” that ensures the success of all learners in demonstrating our “Portrait of the Graduate” competencies.
  • Review current HWRSD practices to ensure they are aligned with our “Beliefs about Learning” and support students in demonstrating our “Portrait of the Graduate” competencies.

Strategic Objective #3:

We will innovate to support modern learning.

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Design professional development programs to support adult learning of the skills and competencies necessary to align our professional practices to our “Beliefs about Learning.”
  • Reimagine educational spaces to support modern learning.
  • Leverage technology to support learning “anytime, anywhere.”
  • Support risk-taking in teaching and learning practice.



Strategic Objective #4:

We will engage the HWRSD Community as partners in achieving our Mission.

 Strategic Initiatives:

  • Engage the community to support innovation and sustain change in our schools through the development of our “Beliefs about Learning” document.

  • Educate the community around the changes in teaching and learning required to support the HWRSD Mission.

  • Improve school and classroom to home communication regarding our progress in aligning our professional practices to our “Beliefs about Learning.”

  • Leverage community resources to create opportunities for students to solve real-world problems and present to authentic audiences.

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District does not discriminate in its programs, activities or employment practices based on age, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

PDF Version HWRSD Strategic Blue Print 2019-2025

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